Thrive in Love Bespoke Coaching

Your tailored transformational relationship breakthrough coaching programme with Monica Douglas 

Who is it for?

This programme is for courageous soulful single, separated or divorced professionals who have had a challenging breakup who desire to clear the past and find a loving partner who they can thrive with in the future.

You will benefit from this programme if

You’re ready to release old attachments so that you can restore hope and receive more joy, creativity and love beyond your wildest dreams.

You’re single after a challenging breakup, separation or divorce

You’ve been single for a while and are committed to changing the situation

This will be especially useful for you if you want to

Heal and make peace with the past so that you can cultivate a strong sense of self-love to get your confidence and self esteem back

See, recognise and change old patterns in relating so that you don’t repeat the traumas and challenges of the past

Be able to give generously to those you care about without over-giving

Become a better person for you, your children, future partner and other significant people in your life

Take action to say ‘no’ to that which doesn’t serve you

Say 'yes' to a life that truly inspires you

Embrace a fuller life with the freedom to make choices

Date joyfully to attract a fulfilling and secure relationship

Be confident and happy in a relationship with a loving partner who matches you

This is what happens when we embark on the “Thrive In Love” programme. It changes your whole life.

That’s why this personal and tailored relationship coaching is so impactful, valuable and important.

When you commit to Thrive In Love you will receive

Courageous Closure Ceremony - Bespoke Sacred Closure Rituals and Ceremony (includes planning session - 60 minutes) to open the programme

Three month “Thrive in Love” In-depth Relationship Coaching Container

Bi-weekly “Thrive in Love” Deep Dive Coaching Sessions per month (60 -75 Minutes)

Relationship Rededication Ceremony to mark the end of the cycle, reboot the system and close the programme

Your investment Save and pay in full $2500 or $2,888 Payment Plan ($1444 x 2)

Book your 30 minute clarity consultation to find out if this is the right programme for you.


Monica is a force of nature, and a powerful love alchemist who safely supports people to clear the way for love. She is a gifted mistress of movement, dance and transformational ritual who inspires people to embody the truth of who they are. During our recent 3 Day Calling in "The One" Intensive Retreat with Mindvalley, I witnessed Monica ignite and transform the energy of hundreds of people through her short magical movement rituals. I’m beyond grateful and happy that Monica is one of our esteemed relationship coaches and hope she continues gracing our community with her kindness, wisdom and love for many years to come.

- New York Times Bestselling Author of Calling in "The One" and Conscious Uncoupling

Monica and I have known each other personally and professionally for over 20 years. During this time I have had the pleasure to witness the continued growth of Monica’s knowledge, expertise and infinite capacity, passion and energy to treat people well and always with integrity, in all her numerous skill sets. I have had the absolute pleasure in benefitting from her unquestionable talents across a range of the impressive fields she excels in. These include Reiki, Yoga, Emotion Code Clearing, and Meditative Massage but also with business Mastermind sessions and supportive advice. The pure authenticity of Monica never fails to impress me and fill me with the certainty that she is forever looking to care for and enlighten those she works with. She is, undoubtedly, one of the very best.

- Director

Dancing with Monica has become an essential part of my self nurturing. Initially I was very reluctant , stiff and self conscious, but I soon began to appreciate the joy and freedom of dancing. It is hugely liberating and has helped me ensure a sense of wholeness through allowing the connection with my heart, soul & body to become stronger , to enjoy being in movement and my sometimes anxious mind to be calmed . Monica conveys such a wonderful and infectious sense of joy that every session is very uplifting. A great way to start or end the day. xx


- Director of Female Success

The United Kingdom is about to have more Groove dancefloors popping up once the lockdown is over!!! I was laughing and jumping in my seat watching her class! Such a warm and joyful energy! UK you are in for a treat with this woman! Welcome to the global Groove tribe Monica!

- Master Trainer for The World Groove Movement

If you are low in energy, want a quick shift to bring you in to a better mood, or to release any 'stuckness' and raise your vibration - spend 15 minutes grooving with Monica. She provided much needed movement breaks in a two day online conference I've just been on. Enjoy her freedom to find some for yourself. ????

- Sound Therapy Expert

I have danced with Monica since this spring. And it is lovely. Nothing pretentious, nothing precious, just move to great music. The lessons are online. Which means: no pressure of having people around you. And if you really want to be anonymous (or there are just too many moving house boxes in the background) you can switch the camera off.The benefit for me has been that I have become more fluid in my movements and less precious about doing things 'right'. Which is huge, since I have done ballet for years and I'm even a jazz ballet teacher.All in all: grooving with Monica is a winner.Give it a go.

- Sound Therapy Expert

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